2017 Obon Festival
On behalf of the Obon 2017 Planning Committee and the Buddhist Church of Santa Barbara Sangha, thank you to all who traveled from near and far to dance, share, and celebrate the day with us. We especially appreciate the support of other temples’ members who took the time to drive to Santa Barbara to join with us to express gratitude to and remembrance and honoring of our deceased ancestors, friends and loved ones!

Special words of gratitude and appreciation for:
Opening and closing speaker: Reverend Fumiaki Usuki
Master of Ceremony: Jonathan Russell
Sound Master: Paul Cabral
Dance Instructors: Roberta and Morgan Cook, Melanie Fujii and Doreen Sasaki
Performers: Hula dancers Natalie Holdren and friends, Macomber Karate, Togen Daiko, Sabro Koga
Artists: Erica Parks, face painting artist; Shoji Yamada, Origami specialist; Morgan Cook and Kanako Fukase, sign, banner and flyer makers
Exhibitors: Bonsai Club of Santa Barbara, Jodi Miles, Steven Subject, Sylvia Morikawa, art students from First United Methodist Church
Vendors: Kanako Fukase, Rotary International/Art Fisher, Jodi Miles, Kiyomi
Supporters: Union Bank, Nikka Market, Evelyn Motoyama, the Ino Family, the Muneno Family, First United Methodist Church, and our other generous supporters and helpers.

It was a wonderful day of fun, dancing and entertainment that has been so beautifully captured in pictures by Bob Faulkner of Bob Faulkner Photography. Please visit the Obon Photos page for more photos. Thank you Bob!
Many  more photos at Bob's Flickr page. https://www.flickr.com/photos/bobfaulkner/albums 

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